Israeli Premier League launches Arabic, English websites

Professional Soccer’s website targets new domestic and global audiences

As part of its ongoing effort to reach out to new audiences and communities and serve all supporters of Israeli football both in Israel and throughout  the world, the Israeli Professional Football Leagues (IPFL) today announced the launch of Arabic language and English language versions of its website.

The site, offers extensive information and diverse and unique statistics of teams, players, fixture schedules, tables and much more. The Arabic and English versions will allow the site to become a virtual meeting place for Israeli football lovers to be constantly updated and to enable them to gain a deeper knowledge of developments in Israeli football.

IPFL Chairman Erez Kalfon: “It is vitally important for us to engage new audiences, in Israel and throughout the world and therefore making our website accessible in Arabic and in English is of great significance. Sports in general and football in particular are an opportunity for any child, from any sector to dream as far as possible. Football conveys values of excellence, achievement and mutual respect. Through the Arabic and English sites, the respective connection between Israeli Football and Israel’s Arab Sector on the one hand, and Jewish communities throughout the world on the other hand, will be greatly strengthened. I believe that football can be the bridge between all parts of Israeli society. There is no other activity in Israeli society where co-existence is more proven and successful than in football. Every town and village in the Arab Sector have a football team and therefore, great potential exists both regarding players and supporters”.

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